If your home lacks ductwork, you may think there’s no way to enjoy powerful, energy-efficient cooling throughout your home without major renovations.  Ductless air conditioning, also known as a mini split system, is a convenient and rewarding alternative to central air.  The installation process is quick, simple and generates very little mess.  Mounted high on the wall, or even the ceiling, these systems fit neatly into your living space, quietly delivering refreshing cool wherever you need it.   If you have an available wall space, HeatCool Service Co has an option for energy-efficient and effective home cooling.

Ductless mini-splits are a compact central air unit with the added bonus of cooling or heating a single or multiple rooms.  Consisting of an indoor evaporator and outdoor condensing unit, split systems have the advantage of conditioning only those rooms that are occupied.  You won’t waste valuable energy heating or cooling an empty room.  And since an independent thermostat controls each zone, you can personalize temperature control to different preferences.

The outdoor condensing unit can be located up to fifty feet from the indoor evaporator.  This allows you to adjust location so that the outdoor unit will not only be the least conspicuous but also avoid bothering you or your neighbors with operational noise.  The indoor air handler, at just seven inches deep, can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted flush into a drop ceiling or installed on high on the wall, where it won’t ever by in the way.

The installation of ductwork is a big project.  Cutting holes in walls, floors, and ceilings generates a significant mess, and ductwork can account for significant energy losses.  Mini split systems require no more than a 3 to 4 inch hole in an exterior wall.  With no ducts to leak treated air, ductless systems are an extremely efficient means of cooling your home.

Through inverter technology, mini split systems quickly adjust to meet the heating and cooling specifications of the home.  The sound generated by the indoor air handler is normally between 21 and 30 decibels, like a whisper, and the outdoor condensing unit averages around 60 decibels, like a normal conversation.  As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, HeatCool Service Co provides a wide selection of energy efficient, reliable and economical mini split systems.  We’ll match your specifications to the ideal solution, provide expert installation, and ensure your complete comfort through 100% satisfaction guarantees.

Started in 1956, many of our original customers still rely on HeatCool Service Co for their comfort needs.  As a family owned and operated business, we build long-term relationships through continued quality and courtesy.  Ethical business practices, NATE-certified technicians and fair pricing provide the most comprehensive service.  Call HeatCool Service Co at (773) 539-5225 to learn more about the many rewarding and exciting possibilities available through mini split technology.