You wouldn’t drive your car without regular oil changes.  You shouldn’t operate your furnace without annual professional maintenance.  The Chicago winters are long and bitterly cold.   To ensure your heating equipment is in peak condition and ready to handle your expectations for comfort and energy efficiency, call HeatCool Service Co for service.  Our NATE-certified technicians have the expertise, experience and dedication to boost performance, head off potential repairs and extend the lifespan of your equipment.  And when you join our club of satisfied customers, we’ll handle the worry and care of your furnace and leave the enjoyment to you.

The elimination of repairs, extended service life and improvements to efficiency more than add up to the cost of a seasonal tune-up.  During a maintenance call, the HeatCool Service Co specialists will troubleshoot potential difficulties, and by taking proactive measures, we’ll protect against bigger problems.  Inspection of your equipment in the fall, allows times for replacement parts to be ordered and installed, never leaving you waiting in the cold.  You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind of a clean, smooth-operating furnace that you can depend on during those cold winter nights.

For maximum heating output and energy efficiency, annual service is absolutely essential.  There is simply no possible way your furnace or boiler can live up to manufacturer’s promises without professional service. The NATE-certified technicians from HeatCool Service Co will return your heating system to peak condition, resulting in quieter, more satisfying comfort at a much lower monthly costs.  It requires professional attention to remove the dust and grime that accumulates during the warm season, when your furnace sits idle.   Once dust infiltrates the cabinet and builds up on inner workings, even if you can’t see it, your furnace is struggling to meet desired temperatures.  Friction and obstructed airflow, due to dirt and debris, means extended heating cycles, greater energy consumption, and could even crack the heat exchanger.

Your furnace may seem to be keeping up with demand, but without careful inspection, a faulty heating system poses significant health hazards.  If combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, enter the air stream and are leaked into your home, your family is at risk.  There is also the concern of fire hazards and degraded air quality.  Dust, pollen, insects and decomposing animals, concealed deep inside your system, generate bacteria that is circulated with conditioned air, throughout your home.  With a once-a-year check-up, our dedicated specialists will make safety a priority, and provide a healthy, clean and comfortable environment.

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Through excellence in service, workmanship and business practices, HeatCool Service Co is recognized as a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer.  We’ve brought reliable heating to residential and commercial buildings throughout Chicago, IL for over sixty years.  Call us for professional maintenance and enjoy the benefits of dependable, efficient, quiet and satisfying warmth season after season.