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Save $1,000 with Bryant Bonus

You can receive a rebate ranging from $50 up to $1,100 when you purchase a complete Bryant Heating and Cooling system that qualifies for the promotion.

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$40 off for first-timers

New clients receive $40 off your first service call for central heating and cooling HVAC systems.
* Not valid weekends or holidays and excludes window, wall and space heaters.


Riverboat giveaway
Lake Michigan Dinner Cruise Giveaway!
Sean was pleasantly surprised to receive an unexpected free dinner cruise as a thank you from us for purchasing an entire new Bryant HVAC system.

Energy Savings Explained

Higher efficiency in heat pumps and air conditioners usually means higher equipment cost but lower utility bills. If you live in a warm and/or humid climate, you will probably see the higher cost of a high efficiency air conditioner or heat pump paid back (through lower utility bills) in a few short years. Ask your experienced Bryant dealer to help you determine about how long it would take you to recover the additional cost in energy savings. Of course, long after the payback, you continue to save on your energy bills.

AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)

AFUE is the standard measurement of efficiency for gas and oil-fired furnaces. Given in percentages, this number tells you how much of your fuel is used to heat your home and how much fuel is wasted. The higher the AFUE rating, the greater the efficiency. Bryant offers a full line of furnaces with AFUE ratings ranging from the minimum industry requirement of 78% to more than 96%.

Cost Savings: If you have an older furnace (with an AFUE of approximately 60%), you could save up to 40% on your heating bills by replacing it with a new high-efficiency furnace! The cost to replace your old, inefficient furnace can be paid back through lower utility bills.

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SEER (Seasonal energy Efficiency Ratio)

SEER is the measure of efficiency by which the cooling process of air conditioners and heat pumps is rated. The higher the SEER number, the greater the efficiency–and therefore the greater the energy savings. Today, U.S. regulatory agencies require all new products to have a 13.0 SEER rating or better. Bryant’s full line of air conditioners offers SEER ratings of up to 20.

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HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor)

HSPF is the efficiency measurement used to gauge the efficiency of the heating mode of heat pumps. The higher the number, the greater the efficiency and cost-savings. Today’s models are required to have a 6.8 HSPF. Bryant offers heat pumps with HSPF ratings ranging from 6.8 to 9.5.

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