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HeatCool Service Co has delivered economical, efficient and refreshingly cool comfort to the Chicago area since 1956. With air conditioning installed by HeatCool Service Co, you’ll enjoy the rewards of humidity control, improved air quality and affordable relief from the summer heat in a single room or your entire home. As a family owned and operated business, we understand the importance of home comfort, and provide a wide range of options to satisfy every budget and expectation.

Cooling technology has kept up with consumer demand for efficiency. Modern units consume 30% -50% less energy, while matching the cooling power of their counterparts from twenty years ago. By upgrading an air conditioner installed just ten years ago with a modern equivalent, homeowners cut 20% – 40% from energy costs. Choosing an ENERGY STAR qualified model, you can both enhance the comfort of your home and save money. ENERGY STAR rated options are over 15% percent more efficient than conventional models.

Proper installation and sizing are critical factors in ensuring long-lasting, trouble-free operation. An oversized unit costs more to purchase, and because of shortened run times, never achieves maximum efficiency or dehumidification levels. Because it will constantly cycle on and off, added stress is placed on components, wearing them out sooner. An under-sized system will run and run, unable to meet temperature needs, consuming needless energy. For equipment that ideally suits your home and needs, trust the dedicated professionals from HeatCool Service Co.

Through informed recommendations and conscientious installation, HeatCool Service Co has changed how Chicago area homeowners enjoy their summers. The extreme heat and merciless humidity are definitely a challenge, but our NATE-certified technicians have the factory training, hands-on experience, and dedication to exceed expectations. By taking into consideration far more than square footage, we will design the ideal system for your specific needs. Windows and doors, quality of insulation, ceiling height, unconditioned spaces, and everything from humidity concerns, to budget, must be factored in to determine the perfect air conditioner to efficiently and effectively cool your home.

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Once you’ve determined the right system, you need the right contractor to guarantee proper installation. The team from HeatCool Service Co will take every necessary step to ensure safe and reliable cooling. We inspect for sufficient installation space to allow proper airflow, maintenance and service of your new system. Recognizing ductwork as a key to system performance, we take care in properly fitting, insulating and sealing. We make sure there are adequate supply registers for providing cool air, as well as sufficient return registers. By properly locating the condensing unit, nothing will restrict airflow, and noise won’t trouble you or your neighbors.

Through our commitment to technical expertise and service, HeatCool Service Co is recognized as Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. Bryant has exemplified home temperature control for over one hundred years, with a wide range of dependable cooling solutions, including a selection of ENERGY STAR rated models. The Bryant Evolution System sets the standard, with sound-dampening features to reduce noise levels without sacrificing airflow or efficiency. Achieving up to 20 SEER, this line of sleek cooling systems are designed to provide the ultimate in cooling capacity while saving money on utility bills. Two-stage operation assures outstanding humidity control and the best value for your energy dollar.

When you call HeatCool Service Co for air conditioning installation, we guarantee a rewarding experience, from your first call and throughout ongoing annual maintenance. As a Comfort24-7 Provider, the equipment we install and our service are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. For the very best in home comfort, contact HeatCool Service Co today. Our cooling specialists are always available to provide honest, professional and practical solutions.

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