A boiler provides sufficient heat and hot water to manage your household. Contact HeatCool Service Co for a quick and rewarding installation project. Our NATE-certified technicians will factor in your specific needs, budget and expectations to design the very best possible system. While many factors decide longevity, from load and usage patterns to engineering, proper sizing and installation are critical.

HeatCool Service Co is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, having met Bryant’s strict criterion for technical expertise, business practices and customer satisfaction. Bryant’s Preferred Series Modulating BWM Boiler delivers comfort you can count on to last. The stainless steel heat exchanger provides durability, and a 96% AFUE rating rewards you with near total efficiency.

Boiler systems can accommodate separate zones, allowing you to condition specific rooms to individual preferences. Minimal noise is produced by the burning of gas or other fuel to heat the water in the boiler, assuring whisper quiet operation and far less dust than generated by a forced air system. But like any piece of complicated machinery, boilers require annual service to operate safely and efficiently.

Carried out by the factory-trained technicians from HeatCool Service Co, preventative service involves little disruption to your schedule and prepares your system to handle the cold Chicago area winters. Manufacturers recommend annual maintenance to ensure efficient, safe and consistent operation, requiring it for continued warranty coverage. The efficiency of both gas and oil fired boilers decrease with use. Soot, produced by the combustion process, coats the heat exchanger surfaces. Proactive maintenance is the best protection. Through testing techniques and analysis, the HeatCool Service Co technicians can detect and correct issues before they arise. Our licensed specialists will inspect the physical integrity of the heat exchanger, and by adjustment, restore precise combustion conditions.

For residential and commercial use, HeatCool Service Co offers a wide range of energy-efficient, high quality gas- and oil-fired boilers. Space conditioning, endless hot water, and a warm, cozy home are affordable, simple and only a phone call away. Call us at (773) 539-5225 for the dedicated attention you deserve.

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