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Through a high level of experience, expertise and execution, HeatCool Service Co installs and maintains commercial chiller systems. Chillers are an integral component of air conditioning systems for large buildings. By producing cold water, they remove heat from the air in the facility. As with all types of cooling systems, chillers require knowledgeable and conscientious installation and continued maintenance.

NATE Certified

Most chillers extract heat from water by mechanically compressing a refrigerant. Chillers are a complex machine and a significant investment. Protect that investment through the skills and support of the NATE-certified technicians from HeatCool Service Co. We appreciate and answer concerns with performance, efficiency, maintenance, longevity and environmental impact, and answer your expectations and requirements with the most sophisticated designs and broad selection of chiller systems.

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During those brutally hot and humid Chicago area summers, keeping cools is a key factor in a productive business environment. Modern chiller systems not only provide refreshing cool in every corner of your facility but dehumidify as well. Through extensive factory training, advanced tools and high-end equipment, HeatCool Service Co will provide the maximum rewards and protection to your chiller system. Invest in efficient, professional and commercial cooling. Contact us at HeatCool Service Co for further information.

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