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Is your furnace falling behind or causing you more trouble than it’s worth? For most of us, making a change can often be hard, especially when you’re talking about a change that could be a significant investment, such as a heating system replacement. But with the professionals at HeatCool Service Co. on your side, furnace replacement just got a whole lot simpler!

Our heating service teams have been meeting the heating needs of customers in Chicago since 1956. With the benefit of our extensive experience and knowledge, we can help you get the heating power and comfort you deserve, and ideally, we can even help you save money on your new system installation. When you need service professionals who can get the job done right, you need the team at HeatCool Service Co.

Furnace Installation & Replacement

What exactly would you want from your new furnace system? High energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, of course. Performance is big, and so is dependability, too. Want a team that can match you with a system that offers all of the above? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our HVAC contractors have been in the business for a long, long time & we are focused on your complete comfort & satisfaction.

By taking into account the size and build of your home, your family, and your heating preferences, we can match you with the ideal gas or electric furnace unit. Once the system has been hand-picked by our pros and approved by you, our installation teams go to work sizing and installing your new system to guarantee top performance and optimized home comfort.

What Is Furnace Efficiency?

If you’ve been shopping around you’ve seen the term “efficiency” tossed out every which way. But what does it mean? It’s actually an easy thing to answer! In essence, a system’s efficiency is a measurement of how much heating it can generate when compared to how much fuel/resource it uses up. In a gas furnace, the efficiency is typically measured by an AFUE rating, a percent rating that tells you how efficiently the gas furnace uses its fuel. Typical ratings can include as low as 80% or as high as 98% at the top end.

Choosing your ideal system is partially about matching the efficiency of the new unit with your home needs and budget, which is why working with knowledgeable experts when replacing is such a high priority.

How Do I Know When to Replace My Furnace?

It’s not always the easiest decision, is it? Ideally you want to replace your furnace system when it’s no longer worth it to try to keep the system running, either from a cost standpoint or from a sanity one. Many situations can actually indicate that a replacement will save you money in the long run, including:

Old Furnace: Generally, a furnace, whether it’s gas or electric, is going to run effectively for around 10 to15 years, sometimes a bit longer for a gas system. Past that point, you’ll notice higher utility costs, more breakdowns, and overall a much weaker performance, all of which can indicate it’s time to replace.

Constant Repairs: One repair is one thing, but two, three, or more repairs can end up costing an unnecessary arm and leg. When you’re encountering a situation where you have to call in for repair every year or more, replacing is the more effective option.

Current Repair Will Cost too Much:  Replacing major components in a system like the heat exchanger can end up costing hundreds if not thousands. In these situations, replacing with an updated unit makes sense, as the long-term benefits outweigh the cost of installation.

Underperforming Furnace: If a system simply fails to do its job or routinely keeps your home barely above freezing, then you’re throwing money out the window for no gain. Update to a new furnace that’s expertly sized for your needs so you can feel the difference, both in your savings account and in your home.

Furnace Installation & Replacement

Ready to reap the rewards of a system that is hand-picked and custom installed in your home? Contact HeatCool Service Co. today! Our experts make a point to provide our clients with only the best in both products and service, so you can always rest assured you’ll get the best with us.

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