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High Rise Air Conditioning & Heating Systems in Chicago

High Rise HVAC ChicagoWhether you’re looking for installation, service, or repair of a high-rise multi-zone HVAC system, your requirements are unique to your situation. At HeatCool Service Co, we address your exact demands and expectations to create a solution that minimizes operation and maintenance costs, ensures reliability, maximizes flexibility, and delivers individual control over indoor conditions. Through powerful, efficient, and state-of-the-art options, we create healthy, sustainable, and cost-effective comfort. Family owned and operated, our hand-selected team of fully licensed, insured, and certified technicians share our commitment to customer satisfaction. Comprehensive industry background, in-field experience, and product knowledge allow us to provide informed recommendations, accurate estimates, and organized project management. Take advantage of quick turnaround, precision workmanship, and quality products.

Water Source Heat Pumps, Chiller Water Systems & More!

High Rise AC Repair ChicagoContact HeatCool Service Co for a wide range of heating and cooling options. Our selection of industry-leading systems are designed to answer any challenge, and we work closely with you to design/build the perfect solution. We specialize in equipment and systems that deliver improved convenience, accessibility, efficiency, space savings, and customized control.

  • Ductless configurations free up valuable interior space, and can be located just about anywhere.
    Low-profile ducted systems reduce the ceiling space necessary to conceal the system.
  • Condensing units meet a variety of project specifications, offer a broad selection of capacities, and can utilize a number of cooling and heating energy sources. Compact and quiet, innovative and efficient, we have a system design to answer your performance and cost requirements.
  • Variable speed fan coils offer improved HSPF from your heat pump, an increase of up to 2 points in the SEER rating of your air conditioner or heat pump, and significant savings on utility bills. Our cooling specialists will make sure you benefit from the right fan coil to fit your system, boost efficiency, and meet your budget.
  • For large commercial buildings that require a substantial amount of cooling, consider a chilled water system. A water chiller is cost effective and eliminates the potential problems of refrigerant piped throughout the facility. With chilled water air conditioning, even if the piping should leak, only water is lost, and repairs are a simple matter of plumbing. If air stops flowing through the cooling coil, the chilled water returns to the chiller without picking up any heat, allowing the chiller to unload and shut down. Because each room is outfitted with its own chilled water air handler, potentially hundreds of rooms can be cooled individually.
  • A water source heat pump works much like a traditional air source heat pump, except that it extracts and dissipates heat by way of a body of water rather than air. Water source heat pumps cut operational costs by only conditioning occupied areas of the building, and recovering heat from interior zones and transferring it to the perimeter of the building. Installed inside the facility, they aren’t subjected to extreme weather and avoid wear and tear. Installed above dropped ceilings or in closets, the heat pump can be implemented as space becomes occupied.
  • Modern water- to-water heat pumps utilize a water-cooled condenser, eliminating the blower and ducted air delivery system of water-to-air heat pumps. Significantly less electrical power is required to operate the delivery system. Water-to-water heat pumps are capable of handling loads for pool heating, spa or hot tub heating, and multiple units can be stacked to conserve space in mechanical rooms. These systems are extremely efficient, reliable, and can be applied in ways that are not feasible with systems that depend on air to carry heat to or from the heat pump.

Condo Heating & Cooling Systems

High Rise Heating Repair ChicagoIf you are considering installing new, replacing old, or in need of service or repairs for a condo HVAC system or high rise HVAC system, count on HeatCool Service Co for prompt, skilled, and courteous service. Our specialized technicians can answer any questions you might have, estimate the service life of your system, and provide helpful recommendations. Through careful inspection, we offer and implement proven strategies to cut down on energy costs, improve comfort, lengthen service life, promote greater reliability, and ensure safe operation. We design and install heating and cooling systems that meet strenuous demand and exacting standards in a variety of applications and capacities. No job is too big, too complex, or too unconventional. Through tireless endeavor, state-of-the-art technology, and comprehensive in-field experience, we deliver satisfaction. We offer large capacity systems to service a great number of floors, the ability to target each floor and zone independently, maximum energy efficiency, and consistent performance. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, HeatCool Service Co is uniquely qualified to deliver quality solutions tailored to your precise requirements.

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