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Ductless Mini Split

Keeping a pleasant indoor climate in your business is important to all who walk through your doors. HeatCool Service Co. offers light commercial heating, ventilation & air conditioning services for businesses in Chicago. We handle all types of light commercial HVAC work, including new installations, repairs * preventive maintenance.

New Installations HVAC

For new HVAC installations, we use industry standards to calculate load and determine the size and placement of ducts & equipment. Choose from packaged, split, and ductless heat pumps and other systems. We provide free estimates for new installations.

For new construction, we work with your commercial building to integrate each component of the system into the building plan. Our technicians work seamlessly through all project phases at your workplace. For installations in existing facilities, our technicians arrive onsite to evaluate the building layout and your needs.

Light Commercial Buildings We Service:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Law Offices
  • Dental Offices
  • HOA’s
  • Small Businesses

Note:  HeatCool Service Co. does not service big industrial & large commercial HVAC jobs.

Light Commercial Heating & AC Repairs & Maintenance

If your light commercial air conditioner or heating system has problems, we are ready to service your needs. At HeatCool Service Co., we take time to fully diagnose the problem and thoroughly inspect the system to identify all the factors that affect the HVAC performance. Our service technicians provide a written assessment & recommendations for repairs. Several factors affect recommendations, including the age of the unit, expense of repairs and the system’s overall condition.

Maintenance of light commercial HVAC systems is important. If your system malfunctions, indoor comfort is affected and it can affect co-workers & customers. Regularly maintained systems operate efficiently and use less energy to keep you comfortable. Well-maintained systems last longer, which allows you time to plan a replacement instead of making decisions during a crisis. In addition, most manufacturers require seasonal maintenance to keep warranties valid.

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