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Magic-Pak Service & Installation in Lakeview, Lincoln Square, Bucktown, Lincoln Park & The Northside of Chicago

Simple installation makes Magic-Pak® heating & cooling systems easier for compatibility in any building design with multi-units. Our combination, through-the-wall units come in a completely self-contained package, eliminating complicated installation procedures of conventional systems.

Building management is simplified with Magic-Pak®‘s reliability and practical maintenance features. Service downtime is minimized, and central-system shutdowns are entirely eliminated. Tenants are content with convenient individual controls.  Building industry professionals such as architects, engineers and builders have been requesting Magic-Pak® heating & cooling products for over 35+ years.

Magic-Pak Advantages Include:

  • Unobtrusive design – small footprint and wall-opening requirement
  • Low operating sound levels
  • High-efficiency models
  • Robust heating, cooling and air-side performance
  • Anti-microbial insulation in air handling compartment
  • Fully-insulated cabinet
  • Drain connection in chassis base for easy cleaning
  • Large access panels – unit is serviced with chassis in place
  • Low installed, maintenance and life-cycle costs

Magic-Pak Maintenance

Magic-Pak systems need to be serviced seasonally.

Maintenance of HVAC systems is important. If your system malfunctions, indoor comfort is affected. Regularly maintained systems operate efficiently and use less energy to keep you comfortable. Well-maintained systems last longer, which allows you time to plan a replacement instead of making decisions

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