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The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, has introduced a previously unknown corona viral strain raising health concerns worldwide. This virus strain, while new, is related to existing corona viral strains like SARS & MERS. There are 7 known corona viruses that can & do infect humans. Four of the strains are tied to the common cold and were first identified in the 1930’s. Three of the strains can be more challenging and include COVID 19, SARS & MERS. This new strain (COVID 19) is thought to have been transmitted via market meat in Wuhan China from animal to human.

Transmission & Migration of Covid-19

These viruses typically follow known patterns for transmission & migration. They include direct contact, fluid transmission, surface contact and airborne nuclei. Airborne nuclei transmission can occur when an infected person expels droplets via their respiratory system by way of a cough sneeze or close breathing proximity. This process is similar to the way other known pathogens are spread, like influenza. These droplets are thought to be one of the primary methods of transmission. They can easily travel and make contact or be inhaled leading to infection. Scientific research suggests that these viruses are robust enough to survive for a period of time outside a host organism. They also vary in size so some of the smallest nuclei can stay easily airborne. This means that indoor air handling systems, home heating & cooling systems or any air moving process may have the ability to expedite travel & transmission. This follows existing knowledge & experience with microbial migration.

UltraViolet Purifiers & Corona Virus -- 99% Effective

While UltraViolet systems has been shown to be 99% effective at the reduction, disinfection and elimination of airborne microbials & Covid 19. Respicaire air cleaning technology has been tested on other airborne microorganisms as well as airborne particulate reduction. This data is available via our study report and can be ordered through our market channels.  Respicaire recommends UltraViolet air treatment as a sensible addition to any indoor air moving environment. The recirculating nature of HVAC systems means microorganisms have multiple pass exposure to help with reduction, disinfection & oxidation.

Air Cleaners

Capture & Contain technology in high efficiency air cleaners helps add another level of support in controlling the migration and reduction of airborne contaminants. As new viral & bacterial strains manifest, effective air cleansing & purification products offer enhanced value for all. If you are seeking a solution to the problem of airborne microbials, particulates & VOC’s we offer a wide variety of product solutions to suit your needs. Contact HeatCool Service Co. to learn more about Respicaire Healthy Indoor Air Solutions. Indoor Air Quality products make a great investment for your indoor living environments.

Respicaire OXY 4 Air Purifier Photocatalytic Ionic Oxidation

State of the art device oxidizes and eliminates odors, kills bacteria, mold and viruses in the air and on surfaces. Hospital grade air purification now available for residential application.

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