Hear about our work
from our awesome customers.

HeatCool’s duct cleaners did such a good job that my general contractor said it didn’t look like they had even been there. Everything was so clean and neat and orderly. I’m impressed. Thanks for the super job!


I know there are many qualified companies that perform services, but Heat Cool reminds me of the way my Dad did business 50 years ago, business that is done on trust and a hand shake. The integrity and quality of services that this family-owned business provides stands out in my mind as head and heels about all the rest.


On a same-day emergency service call before a holiday weekend, the men arrived on time, provided a correct diagnosis and quickly got my A/C cooling the same day. All were very polite, professional and clean. Thank you so much for taking care of me today, I am very impressed and pleased!


I am very excited to have my new Bryant central air conditioner. The workers who installed it were polite and efficient. During this very hot and humid spell I experienced water leaking about a week after installation. Joe R. came out right away. It turned out to be something amiss with my air handler instead.


I live in a 2nd floor rehab condo in Chicago. This month I had HEATCOOL come out to do annual water heater cleaning and since my water heater is already 10 years old, I decided to replace it to prevent any water heater leak in the near future. The two foremen from HEATCOOL are very professional. They are like magicians. They figured out a way to put the new water heater (wider than my old one) into the small space behind the closet. They showed me the safety feature of the new unit and how to change the temperature to save energy while on vacation. There was no extra cost for the long hours they spent and to carry down the old water heater 2 floors. The company credited back the $40 fee I had paid to have the old water heater cleaned – and the foreman even fixed my closet door! I strongly recommend them for all your furnace, A/C and water heater work!


I purchased my Chicago condo in 2008. My HVAC unit was at the end of its life at that point, and the building manager recommended only two companies to perform work on the building’s HVAC system. One of those companies was HEATCOOL, whom I called, and I’ve never felt a need since that first call to switch to any other company.

The HEATCOOL technicians worked on my old HVAC unit and charged it with Freon for as long as they could, and then I finally had to purchase a new unit. The tech had a small, physically-challenging space to perform his installation within, but he did it with amazing skill and minimal adverse consequences.

Everyone at HEATCOOL has always been professional, knowledgeable, sympathetic and very helpful every time I’ve called or emailed them, especially John and Valerie. If any work performed by their technicians has not been to my satisfaction, John and Valerie have made sure that it was done until it met my expectations. I would recommend HeatCool to anyone.


Sadie and Bailey: Two more of our satisfied customers.

Cindy B.